curvhist(...,'long mean')

curvhist(...,'long all')






[hst,xarray] = curvhist(...)

This function plots a histogram of the curvature (default) or the radius of curvature of all cells in a list obtained by MicrobeTracker.

  • <curvlist> - table of cell curvatures obtained by the getcurvature function (one of two possible inputs).

  • <cellList> - input cell list (the other possible input, which can be used instead of the curvlist). If neither curvlist nor cellList is supplied, the program will request to open a file with the cellList.

  • 'long mean', 'long all', window - parameters for processing long cells, the same as in the getcurvature function. these parameters are not used if curvlist is supplied.

  • <xarray> - array of x values for the histogram, which serve the the centers of bins of the histogram (the boundaries will be in between, for example [1 2 3 4 5] to display all the cells shorter than 1.5 micron in the first bin, between 1.5 and 2.5 microns in the second, etc.).

  • <pix2mu> - conversion factor from image units to microns. If not supplied, the histogram is plotted in pixels.

  • 'radius' - plot a histogram of the radius of curvature instead of curvature.

  • 'counts' - plot the histogram in units of cell counts instead of the percentage of cells.

  • <hst> - the height of the bars as plotted in the histogram.