curvlist = getcurvature(cellList)

curvlist = getcurvature(cellList,'long mean')

curvlist = getcurvature(cellList,'long mean',window)

curvlist = getcurvature(cellList,'long all')

curvlist = getcurvature(cellList,'long all',window)

curvlist = getcurvature(...,'addstat')

This function calculates radius of curvature for every cell in a list obtained by MicrobeTracker.

  • <cellList> - input array containing cell meshes.

  • <curvlist> - output table. Each row corresponds to a cell (or a segment of a cell in 'long all' mode). The columns are: radius of curvature, frame number, cell number, cell length, cell area, cell volume. The last three columns are only added if 'addstat' option is selected.

  • 'long mean' or 'long' - splits every cell to segments and outputs the mean curvature of all the segments.

  • 'long all' - splits every cell to segments and outputs the curvature of every segment in a separate row.

  • <window> - maximum length of the segments used in 'long mean' and 'long all' modes'. If a non-integer number of windows fits into a cell, the number of windows is rounded up and each window is shortened accordingly. Default: 30.

  • 'addstat' - add extra statistics for the cells: cell length, cell area, and cell volume.