cellList2 = trackstack

cellList2 = trackstack(cellList1)

cellList2 = trackstack([cellList1],[weights],[cutoff])

This function processes a cell list obtained by MicrobeTracker in 'Individual Frames' mode attempting to assign the same number of the same cell on every frame of the list. It is designed to be used for moving cells in the case that the motion is too large to use the 'timelapse' mode.

  • <cellList1> - input cell list. If not supplied, the program will request to open a file with the list.
  • <cellList2> - output cell list. If not supplied, the program will request to select a file to write the data to.
  • weights - 4-element vector of weight coefficients for calculating the "cost" of assignment of a cell between two frames, consisting of 4 components (see figure):
    -  distance perpendicular to the mean main axis (Δx),
    -  distance along the mean main axis (Δx),
    -  angle (Δα, in radians),
    -  log ratio of the areas.
    The lower a value is, the less effect the component will have on the assignment. Default: [0.2 1 1 1].
  • cutoff - cutoff in units of the mean distance to the nearest (in terms of the cost) neighbor. Larger values will force to assign most cells, lower values - to lose those that don't have a good match. Default: 1.