[intlist,timelist,errors] = meanintdynamics(cellList,...)

This function plots the dynamics of the signal in a list of cells obtained by MicrobeTracker. Note, the background has to be corrected and necessary controls taken to accont for possible background fluorescence and the signal integrated and present in the list.

  • <cellList> - an array that contains the meshes. You can drag and drop the file with the data into MATLAB workspace or open it using MATLAB Import Tool. The default name of the variable is cellList, but it can be renamed.

  • <timelist> - the list of timepoints when each frame was taken. For example, if 3 images were taken at zero time and 2 more 10 minutes this array must be [0 0 0 10 10].

  • <frame2time> - the intervals between frames. If 'timelist' array is not provided, the each frame will be considered taken at a different timepoint separated by 'frame2time' intervals. If not provided, the data will be plotted versus frame rathen than time. The constructed timelist can be obtained at function's output.

  • <signal> - the signal field which will be processed. Must be in single quotes and must start with the word 'signal'. The default is 'signal1'.

  • 'area'/'volume' - normalize the signal inside cells by the area or volume of that cell. Otherwise the total signal will be calculated for each cell (and averaged for each timepoint).

  • 'errorbar' - show errorbars.

  • 'nodisp' - do not produce a plot (otherwise it is automatically created). Note, the command does not open a new figure window if at least one exists already. Use MATLAB's 'figure' command to create a new figure if you wish to avoid replotting any of the existing figures.

  • <intlist> - mean intensity array corresponding to all cells at the 'timelist' points.

  • <errors> - errorbar sizes corresponding to the standard error of the mean for each intensity value in 'intlist'.