A GUI-based program which manually detects spots and places them into previously detected meshes. Currently the program runs from MATLAB only. 

To use:

  • Load (fluorescence) signal images selecting the folder with a TIFF files sequence.

  • Load meshes selecting the file with meshes, previously detected with MicrobeTracker. The data may already contain spots, but this is not necessary.

  • When the files are loaded, the program will not display the images automatically, you have to click on any navigation button described below. The frame and cell number will be displayed to the image window title.

  • Buttons Previous cell / Next cell will cycle through all cells and frames.

  • Buttons Frame-1 / Frame+1 cycle through each frame for the same cell.

  • Buttons Cell-1 / Cell+1 cycle through each cell on the same frame.

  • Only all spots together can be deleted for a particular cell with Clear spots button.

  • After you are done, save the data with the Save meshes button.

  • By default the spots data is saved into spots substructure in the cellList{frame}{cell} structure corresponding to each cell. To change the name of the substructure, change it in the Field box.

  • All manually detected spots will have zero background, height, width, and magnitude (i.e. the b, w, h, and magnitude field in the spots substructure will only contain zeros).